Flipped Lab



We are committed to constantly expanding our efforts to source sustainable materials and fabrics with minimal social and environmental footprints. All Flipped Lab packaging is PLASTIC FREE and we never stop searching for new environmentally-friendly solutions.
What’s more, our unique digital 3D pattern-making underpins our sustainable production processes, ensuring less material is wasted throughout product development and manufacturing.

Our partners

Coats, Sdibit


We cooperate closely with Coats(R) UK and are proud to be one of the world’s first leading apparel brands to integrate Coats’ patented eco-friendly thread into our sportswear.


We work exclusively with Sdibit, Japan’s most advanced 3D digital pattern-making firm. Together, we have generated a series of unique digital design torsos for different body shapes leveraging the unrivaled global body-form database Sdibit has been compiling for over 13 years.

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Our Waste-free Packaging Strategy

We are constantly looking for new ways to reduce excessive plastic and paper packaging waste, and are firmly committed to using recycled materials and actively recycling whenever possible.


Flipped Lab’s 100% compostable bags are made from PLA (a biodegradable, highly-versatile polyester produced from plant starch) and PBAT (a fully-compostable binding agent).

PP woven bag

Flipped Lab’s PP woven bag is firm, wear-resistant, and washable, ideal for daily fitness, grocery shopping, commuting, and other active lifestyle demands.

plastic-free tags

Flipped Lab’s plastic-free tags use organic wire instead of traditional plastic string to reduce non-biodegradable waste.